Join Astronomical Tours in the footsteps of Darwin himself in the Galápagos Islands.

Our route to intercept totality finds us privileged visitors to some of these unique island sanctuaries.

Here, we study the evolution of endemic birds and animals including the giant tortoise, Galápagos penguin, flightless cormorant, and the only sea going iguana in the world. These creatures have lived for thousands of years without the fear of predators. They peacefully adapted to this unique island environment.

The incredible wonders of the Galápagos make this one of the most precious places in the world. Our exploration includes the preservation and conservation issues affecting the Galapagos and its resources. We learn how the Charles Darwin Foundation and the Galápagos National Park Service work together to restore the natural balance and encourage responsible tourism.

Our eclipse path intercept point is found 1010 nautical miles west of the Galápagos Islands.  Here, we expect to enjoy favorable weather with 60-70% chance for clear skies, and a duration of approximately 34 seconds of totality.