34 Seconds of Totality
Observation Coordinates:  110deg 22.4' W - 2deg 3.1' S
60%-70% Chance of clear skies

Q. What exactly is a hybrid eclipse?
A.  A hybrid eclipse is total in the central section of the eclipse path, but annular on the ends of the path.

Q.  So, Is this just a rare annular eclipse?
A. No. From our observation point, this is a rare total eclipse. The moon's apparent size is almost exactly matched to the Sun's apparent size, so we see a brief, but stunning total eclipse.

Q. Can't we just watch this eclipse from land somewhere?
A. No, the eclipse won't touch land anywhere in its total phase. Again,at the ends of the path, this will just be a regular annular eclipse.

Q. The eclipse is so short.  Will I have time to see anything?
A. You bet! The onset and end of the eclipse will offer a longer and more dazzling effect of diamond ring and Baily's beads dancing around the disk. We also have a chace to see the inner-most corona which can't be seen during a deep eclipse - and ruby red prominences all over the limb of the moon.