Join Astronomical Tours in the footsteps of Darwin himself in the Galápagos Islands.

Astronomical Tours has many hours of entertaining activities in store for guests on the Galapagos Legend.

We have guest speakers Eicher, Espenak, Levy and Pasachoff scheduled for regular talks throughout the voyage.

Not only astronomy activities:
Additionally, non-astronomer activities such as movies in the theater, crafts and wildlife enrichment programs will run throughout the moments of spare time while not exploring the Galapagos. Guests can enjoy standard amenities aboard the ship including the jogging track, whale watching lounge, library, pool, museum, sun terrace and chess corner.

Feel free to bring your own telescope or use a public telescope at night (or daytime) on the top deck in some of the most amazing dark skies out to sea at the equator! Both daytime solar observing and nighttime stargazing have been organized for your enjoyment.

Our team will be conducting an exciting navigational challenge! On the cruise, we will use REAL old fashioned sextants to find our longitude and latitude, plotting our course as we sail into the eclipse path!  Watch out, though because these waters are known for Pirates!  So you never know what kind of excitement is going to happen next!

Internet and telephone:
Guests will appreciate the computer center and internet service.  As shipboard internet and telephone commuications may be slower than our group's demands, Astronomical Tours is offering Iridium Satellite telephone and internet communications for our guests' convenience. Talk times can be scheduled in advance of sailing, as well as used whenever available aboard the ship.

Our eclipse path intercept point is found 1010 nautical miles west of the Galápagos Islands.  Here, we expect to enjoy favorable weather with 60-70% chance for clear skies, and a duration of approximately 34 seconds of totality.